Our commitment in creating The Emerald was to build zero carbon luxury self-catering holiday properties that would last a lifetime. Once we realised we could achieve this, we set out to deliver it. And deliver it we have done. But the journey doesn’t end there and our sustainable commitments continue to evolve and grow. Our sustainability policy sets out to demonstrate what we have already achieved and what we aim to achieve in the future for The Emerald, our guests, our local community and in setting an example to others hoping to embark on a similar journey to ours. We continue to improve our efforts on sustainability and we are always open to new ideas months. We’ve summarised the aim and objectives of our policy here:


  • To develop The Emerald as the UKs first zero carbon holiday destination, proving that zero carbon and luxury are compatible and providing an example of good practice to the industry and our guests.
  • Objectives

  • Responsible procurement – to procure goods and services in such a way as to have minimum impact on environment and maximum impact on local economy.
  • Waste and recycling – to minimise the amount of waste generated at The Emerald and the amount subsequently sent to landfill.
  • Responsible energy use – to manage our consumption of energy and water in such a way as to minimise carbon emissions and increase efficiency; delivering both environmental and financial savings.
  • Improving ecology – to carefully manage existing ecology of the site and implement measures to improve it further.
  • Communication – to ensure our aim and objectives are communicated to a wide audience and that we share our ambitions with The Emerald guests.

    See the full copy of our Sustainability Policy here