Hydrangeas are a common sight in gardens across Cornwall, whether in one of the many famous local gardens, a park or a private garden they thrive in the soil here. And our 5 acres are no exception.

This summer these popular garden shrubs have put on quite a show in our grounds – no real surprise as they love moist but well drained soil and a cool, semi – shady spot, all of which we can provide.

People are often fascinated by the quirky nature of the hydrangea, as the flowers can change colour, depending on the pH value of the soil. Without sounding too much like a science lesson an acid soil can produce blue flowers, acid to neutral soil mauve flowers and alkaline soil pink flowers. Did you know though that a white hydrangea will always be a white hydrangea?

Well our soil pH levels must be somewhat all over the place as the intricate heads of our hydrangea have appeared in all manner of colours this year – from white, to various shades of pink or blue and everything inbetween.

As we move into the Autumn and Winter months, the hydrangeas will continue to provide interest for our guests and homes for our insects. Their colour will last into the Autumn and we will leave cutting them back until the early Spring, so the beautiful flowers can take on their lacy skeleton form and provide structure in our Winter garden too.

We thought we’d share some photos with you of this year’s stunning display – hope you enjoy the images as much as the guests who’ve enjoyed a holiday with us this summer have!


Love this pale blue emerging from lime green
Hot pink!
How pretty is this mauve with the dusky pink in the background?
More hot pink!
Going to call this colour ‘antique pink’!
Simple and beautiful
New flowers emerging
Delicate hints of blue speckle the white
Shades of blue



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