As it’s the festive season, we’ve decided to invest in a gift for our guests here at The Emerald Cornwall! We’ve bought a Playmate tennis ball machine!

The machine is excellent, whether you’re a seasoned tennis player wanting to improve your game or someone who just wants to give it a go on our tennis court, just one of the many facilities guests at The Emerald can enjoy.

Our new machine will serve you tennis balls at a rate that suits your experience. It’s perfect for guests who might need to take it in turns to entertain the children, for people travelling alone or for anyone who wants to have a quick play on the court whilst their partner does something else.

And you don’t even need to work too hard collecting up all the used tennis balls as we’ve also got a ‘ball mower’ to help with this job!

If tennis is something you really enjoy then you might like to get some extra coaching whilst on holiday in Cornwall. If this is something you’re interested in, let us know and we can help with arranging private coaching.

Enjoy our short video of our new toy in action. And if you’d like to book a stay at The Emerald you can see more about our suites here.

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