Highly sustainable. Zero carbon. Above regulatory standards. Current best practice . CO2 rating A +. All accomplishments that Emerald Cornwall can now claim!

When we set out to develop Emerald Cornwall one of our main aims was to achieve the Government’s highest standard in sustainable building. Reaching this goal was a real challenge and tested the team of professionals we were working with almost every week of the design and construction phases of the project. However, by being innovative and remaining determined to reach our goal, we now have four of just sixteen* houses in the UK to achieve the highest level of sustainability here at Emerald Cornwall.

We are immensely proud of what the whole team has achieved at Emerald Cornwall and we have a great deal of satisfaction in being able to share our sustainable credentials with our guests. Explaining the technology we have used to achieve this high standard, as well as some of the simpler processes we have in place to maintain our focus on sustainability, can inspire our guests to think what they can do back at home to support this important issue.

Ultimately, Emerald Cornwall proves that a luxurious and comfortable property can also be a lifetime, fully accessible home, using very little energy and having very little impact on the environment. We think this is something to shout about!


*as of Autumn 2013



Fern - The Studios Melody Farm, STRO000731-PC-20139263719929-2  Fern - The Studios Melody Farm, STRO000731-PC-20139263719929-1


Drift - The Barns Melody Farm, STRO000731-PC-20139263720272-2   Drift - The Barns Melody Farm, STRO000731-PC-20139263720272-1


Coast - The Barns Melody Farm, STRO000731-PC-20139263720101-2   Coast - The Barns Melody Farm, STRO000731-PC-20139263720101-1


Cedar -The Studios Melody Farm, STRO000731-PC-20139263719274-2  Cedar -The Studios Melody Farm, STRO000731-PC-20139263719274-1

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