Our first visit from the gentleman from the Considerate Contractors Scheme did not go to plan and wasn’t our finest hour! We had contractors on site who weren’t wearing their hard hats and high visibility jackets. Our entrance signs were not clear. And on top of this, and a few other challenging issues which anyone who has worked on a building site will recognize, Pippin (the dog!) decided this was her moment to escape the house and run out on to the site to meet our visitor!

As a relatively small project, we didn’t have a full time team dedicated to the Considerate Contractors Scheme and we weren’t entirely sure what was expected of us. But, despite the challenges of the initial visit, that first meeting made it all very clear and it made perfect sense for us to engage with it.

Once this decision was made, our commitment to the scheme was wholehearted. We embarked on a site induction programme for anyone working on the site; we ran workshops on health and safety; we invited local schools to come and visit us to see what we were doing and to understand what we hoped to achieve; those working on site were encouraged to use the swimming pool and gym in order to help them maintain or improve their health and wellbeing and we ran a monthly competition to encourage anyone coming to the site on a regular basis to car share or cycle.

Being a small local project, rather than a larger national company, dd not mean we couldn’t implement such projects. Nor did it mean we couldn’t be in the running to win an award. We had a further two successful visits from the Considerate Contractors Scheme and were pleased to be scored in the top 10% of all sites in the country. The result of this is that we were put forward for an Award, which meant much excitement and an invitation to a lunch ceremony in London, along with many other construction companies.

We were absolutely thrilled to be invited up on stage to be awarded the National Site Winner Bronze Award. For us, this award recognizes all the hard work undertaken by the entire team who helped us deliver Emerald Cornwall, the first sustainable Code 6 holiday destination in the country and it was a real honour to receive national recognition for the work undertaken to ensure we delivered our project in a thoughtful and considerate manner.

Certificate of Compliance 69197

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