It was always our ambition at Emerald Cornwall to eventually apply for a wedding license. Why wouldn’t we? The beautiful, secluded grounds and luxurious properties would make the perfect backdrop for intimate and personal weddings and we knew we could offer something very special to couples looking to get married somewhere unique.

When our letting agent, Perfect Stays, suggested a couple who’d looked at many other venues come to visit us, it meant we moved quicker on this ambition than we had anticipated. They loved Emerald Cornwall so much, the lake and the bridge over it being the romantic ideal, that they decided we were the perfect place for their special occasion and Tim’s promise of “ We will get it sorted for you” had to be followed through! This was July 2013.

On 28th January 2014, we were granted our wedding license.  Whilst it took a few seconds to decide to apply for the license, the process of securing it took several months. We first of all needed planning permission, which Paul Bateman of Influence Planning was able to secure for us. We had a visit from the Registrar’s Officer to ensure we were suitable. And Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service paid us a visit to ensure the appropriate Health and Safety requirements were in place.

We are thrilled to now have our ‘Certificate of Approval of Premises as a Venue for Marriages’. This is very exciting for us, but also for the couple who put their faith in us and trusted we would deliver on our promise. We are grateful to all those involved in ensuring we could make this happen and look forward to hosting many weddings in the future. Whether they take place under our gazebo by the lake, within the lounge of our holiday homes or within Woodpeckers (our newly renovated building that is perfect for functions) we will ensure that each and every wedding Emerald Cornwall hosts is the extra special occasion it deserves to be.

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