Sometimes our guests are surprised to find out the water supplied in their holiday property here at The Emerald originates from a borehole on our site! So we thought it was time to write a quick blog about how this came to be!

One of the aims of our Sustainability Policy is ‘responsible energy use’ and as part of that we are committed to managing our consumption of water. We were also keen from the outset of establishing The Emerald to alleviate our reliance on public utility companies.

So, how did we go about achieving this? Managing the consumption of water on our estate could easily be achieved by fitting restrictors on sanitary ware and using energy efficient white goods (all of which we’ve done). But the development of four new holiday properties meant we were acutely aware of the extra ‘ask’ we would be putting on the local water supply and we wanted to try and prevent this.

Our solution was to establish a borehole here. Sounds simple! The first challenge was to establish if we had a water source within our grounds. This involved a man and his divining rods – a simple method, and for any sceptics out there, a very effective method as water was located this way!

The next task was more challenging – drilling down to create the borehole. Working with Aquasource SW Ltd the eventual depth drilled was 72 metres. To put this in perspective, that’s virtually the same height as nearby Truro Cathedral (which stands 76 metres high)! The scene when we hit water was quite spectacular and very exciting.

Once the water was located a pump was fitted to the end of a pipe and this was fed down the 72 metres. This pump moves the water into a holding tank, where it’s filtered and from there distributed to our holiday properties. We have enough supply for over four houses and if we ever experience a powercut, as happened in the storms in early 2014, we can switch immediately to mains water.

We’re pretty pleased with this achievement! It’s our small contribution to conserving water and managing it’s use in a more sustainable way – and it makes for a great story when we talk guests through the various measures we’ve put in place here to be as ecofriendly as possible!


Truro Cathedral
We drilled down to almost the same height as Truro Cathedral


The moment we struck water!
The moment we struck water!

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