Spring is a beautiful time of year in Cornwall, and we are very lucky here at Emerald Cornwall to be nestled in our very own 5 acres of landscaped grounds.

The land here was previously fields and meadows, used as farmland, but in the late 20th century it was used as a small caravan and camping park. Then, in 1999 that all changed. The old house and remaining outbuildings were demolished, a new house was built and the formal gardens were established. When we moved here in 2010 the grounds were neglected and overgrown, but a great deal of time and effort means they’ve now been restored and look glorious.

The colours at this time of year are quite incredible. Acid green shoots of euphorbia look stunning, and the Gunnera, dormant through the winter, is now making it’s presence known as it’s huge leaves begin to unfurl themselves around the edges of our pond. The tropical plants, which flourish here in our sheltered position, look prehistoric – framing the pathways, the pond and our home beautifully.

The Camellias have been stunning through March, and as April marches on, other equally colourful flowers replace them. The daffodils continue to bloom and the blossom in the orchard begins to put on its show. Each day brings something new as plants reawaken.

We look forward to the warmer months ahead, but want to savour this special time of year as nature shares with us it’s burst of energy and provides our guests with the perfect backdrop to their holiday in Cornwall.


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